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As leaders in the executive search industry, The Talent Bank solves business problems for our clients every day. As innovators we are actively and constantly redefining the recruiting process to search, identify, screen and present the best candidates in the market at any given time and deliver them to your doorstep. Our comprehensive approach to talent acquisition, assessment and development enables us to help our clients build high-performance teams and dominate their industry. And to be quite honest, we do that by recruiting the best and brightest from your competition. It works and it works in two ways. It strengthens your team and it weakens theirs. It works in professional sports and it works in business. If you are merely looking for someone who can just “do the job” or the “cheapest” available candidate, than we are not the people you want to work with. But if you’re looking for the “best” candidate, the passive candidate, the one who is knocking the stitches off the ball for your competition, than we are the people you want to work with.

Our search consultants have all worked in the industry into which they place or from which they draw their candidates. This insider position and the level of knowledge in which it results, gives us the ability to work in close partnership with clients to understand in depth their needs, culture and internal processes. In many cases, in addition to placing professionals for our clients, we act as a trusted advisor on compensation trends, optimal organizational structure and the competitive landscape.

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