Points to Consider

  • Process is Key. The recruiting process is the first thing a prospective hire will experience about your organization. If their first impression is negative, you are behind the 8 ball already
  • Recruiting is a two-way street. If you are focused on interrogating candidates instead of selling the opportunity, you’ll be missing the boat. Candidates need to be qualified AND interested.
  • Not all recruiting markets are alike. Market supply and demand metrics are out of your control, but they can never be ignored.
  • Communication is critical. A process without feedback goes nowhere.
  • Time kills all deals. Make your move when you are ready, but if you take too long, interest wavers.
  • Be careful about financial expectations. No one likes last minute surprises.
  • Always assume that each and every candidate you interview is interviewing elsewhere-just as they should assume you are interviewing other candidates.